High-Quality Tree Services in Concord, NC

Did you know that healthy, mature trees can increase a home’s price by 10% to 15% in high-income neighborhoods? For a million dollar property, that’s a hundred grand investment that you likely want to nurture.

With our main office in Concord, North Carolina for over 30 years, our professional arborists know the trees in your neighborhood like no other. Your trees and your property are our passion.

We’re tree huggers through and through—and consummate professionals. We help our customers in Concord improve the longevity of their trees and the aesthetics around their properties, which provides true economic value.

More importantly, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful, healthy trees, which are good for the soul.

mature trees can increase a home's price by 10-15%

We Know Concord, NC Trees

We’re in business to keep Concord beautiful, starting with your property!

In addition to trees and shrubs, we understand the climate, soil conditions, and tree bugs and pests of the Concord, NC area. We know how to create the best tree care plan to meet your needs and ensure your trees are not vulnerable to disease.

Ensuring the health and longevity of your shrubs and trees can be complex. With vast weather changes, including hot summers, rainy shoulder seasons, severe storms with intense winds, and winter frost, the trees in Concord withstand a great deal of extremes.

We’re here to help protect your trees day in and day out.

When we’re not working, you might find us at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, the Concord Aquarium, and maybe, just maybe, Cabarrus Brewing Company. It’s good to support other local businesses, right?

Which tree service(s) are you interested in?

Meet your Concord, NC arborist representative!

When it comes to assessing tree health, educating clients, and proposing treatments, arborist representative Collin Kaval is a top choice in Concord, NC!

Collin handles tree service sales for homeowners and commercial property owners. He’ll pull from a wealth of knowledge to assess your tree’s needs and walk you through solutions.

Collin is ready to advise you on the best way to maintain the health of your trees. Request a consultation right away to get your trees back on track!


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Your Concord, NC arborist representative

See what customers are saying about our tree services in Concord, NC

“Professional crew, polite. Modern equipment, work safe environment. They did an amazing job of taking a very large tree out of our back yard.”

– David M.

“Every aspect of our dealings with Carolina Tree was exemplary. We’d highly recommend this company and they will be the first we call for any tree services in the future… It took us a full year to find a company that was responsive and respectful of our trees…rather than just wanting to top them. Much gratitude to Carolina Tree.”

– Anita B.

“Carolina Tree Care is always responsive when called, and can be on site quickly with a fast turnaround on work efforts.”

– Jennie M.

Carolina Tree Care would love to work with you.

We understand the importance of caring for your trees in a safe, responsible way.

Contact us today to work with a team you can trust.

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