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Protect Your Ash Trees

Are you interested in maintaining the health of your trees? The first step in protecting your ash trees against the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is to determine how important your trees are to you. Depending on the health and maturity of your trees along with their sentimental and aesthetic importance, protecting them from disease may be critical to maintain or increase your property value.

Assess Your Ash Trees

Do your ash trees appear to be healthy? If they already appear diseased, there is good news: it can take EAB a few years to kill infested trees. But, be forewarned, healthy appearing trees may already have early stage infestation. It’s better to be prepared. First off, you may want to start with an inventory of your ash trees. How many are on your property? Would you prefer to keep them all disease-free or select a number of critical trees to save? Knowing your short- and long-term options for specific trees can help with budgeting and decision-making as treatment costs are often determined based on the size of the tree and degree of infestation.

Invest in Your Ash Trees

Is there still time to save your trees? If your ash appears over 25% diseased, it may be too late to save. And, unfortunately, it can be over 2X more expensive to remove a dead tree than a live tree due to the increased risk, and removal techniques, associated with dead tree removals. As tree huggers, we believe that tree removal should be the last course of action; however, from a budgetary perspective, it’s important to know your options upfront and plan accordingly by designating trees for treatment or removal.

Treat to Prevent the Emerald Ash Borer

What is the right treatment for your trees? At Carolina Tree Care, we have certified arborists and trained plant health care technicians armed with broad spectrum tree protection solutions. Foliar sprays, systemic injections, soil drenches and more, we have the right health care plan to protect your ash trees from EAB. Give us a call!

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