Michael S. Farmer

General Foreman

Michael Farmer, general foreman, started with Carolina Tree Care back in September of 2016. He was introduced to the tree industry by his father at a young age and started climbing trees at 16. Now he has more than 25 years of experience in the industry.

Michael loves the fact that his job allows him to work outdoors and constantly gain new skills. He also enjoys the challenge that comes with each new job. After all, no one tree or tree job is the same as the next!

Michael’s duties include supervising job sites, scheduling jobs, and training crew members. In fact, teaching crew members about the best industry practices and safety procedures (and learning from them, as well), is one of Michael’s favorite parts of the job.

Away from the job, you’ll most likely find Michael spending time with his big family. That includes riding four-wheelers, swimming in the pool, hiking, cheering at a softball or karate tournament, or hanging out at an amusement park.

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