Each of our homes incorporates a lawn, green area, shrubs, and/or trees to create a positive first impression. Well maintained lawns and trees are as important as building style and finishes. Carolina Tree Care’s skilled employees will make sure green areas are always colorful and vibrant and that trees remain healthy. The removal of dead or dangerous trees should be a priority for every property owner. Eliminating deadwood, removing dangerous branches, and correctly pruning young trees are all important to minimize hazards to property and people. These services should only be rendered by trained and experienced technicians to reduce potential injury or damage to property. Residential Services Commercial Services Residential & Commercial Service Areas


Carolina Tree Care’s team of tree care professionals has the knowledge and experience to complete any job in a safe and effective manner. It is our desire to assist municipalities with all of their vegetation management needs. We have over 80 crews operating in the southeastern United States. Municipality Services

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