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Tree Care Isn’t Complete Without Fertilization

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Your tree isn’t looking so hot. Leaves that used to be a lively green are now pale, yellow, or otherwise off-color. They’re also smaller than usual, and they switch to fall colors and drop earlier than the leaves on other trees.

Is your tree sick?

Symptoms like these could mean your tree isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. What’s the cure? Fertilization!

Depending on the species, trees typically need 16-19 essential elements to grow and complete their life cycles. Issues arise when those essential elements are missing from the soil – which is common in the highly altered soil of our urban landscapes.

Regular tree fertilization can add missing elements back into your soil and get your tree healthy and beautiful again.

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Don’t let soil compaction stress out your trees and shrubs

Wondering if the soil around your tree or shrub is compacted? If you can’t easily push a screwdriver into it, it probably is!

Your tree’s roots can’t get the water and nutrients it needs from compacted soil. And when a tree can’t get nutrients and water, it will decline.

Carolina Tree Care can revitalize your soil with our root rehabilitation services, which include aeration.

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Keeping your trees healthy has never been easier with ArborWISE by Carolina Tree Care

Too much fertilizer can hurt your tree and too little won’t be effective. Luckily, we’ve studied the science behind tree fertilization so you don’t have to.

Fertilization services are included in ArborWISE, our proactive tree health program. Learn more about ArborWISE here.

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