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Are you nervous about letting your kids play around a certain tree in your yard? Is one of your prized trees looking sickly? No matter what kind of tree issue you’re dealing with, the experts at Carolina Tree Care can help.

For over 35 years, Carolina Tree Care has been helping home and business owners just like you create safer, more beautiful yards through preventative tree maintenance. If you live or work in the Cary or Apex, NC area, you can call on us for all types of tree services, from tree pruning and fertilization to tree removal and stump grinding.

Your tree should be a source of beauty and shade, not worry. Reach out to us today for the tree services you need in Cary or Apex, NC.

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Why is tree care a worthwhile investment? Well, for one thing, mature trees can increase a home’s price by 10-15% in high-income neighborhoods. Healthy trees also increase safety on your property by minimizing hazards like dangling branches and diseases that can weaken your tree.

If you’re looking for a tree service you can trust to keep your trees healthy, beautiful, and strong, look no further than Carolina Tree Care. As local tree experts, we’re well aware of how the climate, soil conditions, and tree bugs and pests of the Cary/Apex, NC area can affect the health of your trees. We offer a variety of services to care for your tree, whether you’re dealing with an urgent issue or you want to prevent issues in the first place.

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